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2023/2025 Fall,  Winter, Spring Training 


This is a great time to get back at training, enhance your skill level, build up your strength or learn a new workout movement for a specialized sport. Fuzion Athletics is offering training programs and preseason workouts for the year starting September 12th. Athletes looking to get the best opportunities to grow in the sport, this is the time. Training includes pole vaulting; skills and drills, gymnastics, speed and weight lifting training. Come, learn and have a great time with other athletes with the same mind set and goals. Surround yourself with greatness. 


Fall lifting and running training logs will be available for purchase on the 12th 


FYI :  (pricing scale will NOT be changing this year again)


Full time training: $250 month

Single practice: $45

Private lessons: $100 

2 Day Camp: $250 and includes meet

Meet: $25

First time free (Sept-March) and again (June-Aug)

Any full time gym vaulter gets 50% off 2 day 

camp and or meet listed above: (Full time athlete are 3 paid months in a row)

Lifting and Running Training:

A coach will oversee all running and lifting during each class. The lifting program and speed conditioning program will all be  in-house and be ran strictly to keep athletes motivated and pushing to the next level. A workout book will be available for athletes when working out on their own and/or not in the gym (this is included in ALL full time athlete training programs).


Pole Vault Training:

During training there will be drills, runway work, gymnastics based exercise, as well as  other skills, but most importantly there will be pole vaulting! Typical class will include 10 to 20 minutes of warm-up, 30 minutes of pole vault  exercises, 60 minutes of pole vaulting and 30 minutes of rehab and conditioning. Please be aware that classes have the potential of going over 15-30 minutes.  As we get close to meets, practice will eventually shift to adjust as needed for each athlete. 

We are always open for lifting and running training 24/7 on you own time or with a coach.


As we get in to later into the fall we will offer more days and hours for pole vaulting. 

Starting 9-6-23 

Monday 4:45-7:30am lifting and speed training 

Monday COLLEGE TRAINING** (3 spots for for approved athletes)

Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm (max 8 athlete) 

Wednesday 4:45-7am lifting and speed training

Wednesday COLLEGE TRAINING **(3 spots for for approved athletes)

Thursday 4:30-630pm and 6:30-8:30 (max 8 athletes

Friday 4:45-7:30am lifting and speed training 

Saturday 10am-noon (max 8 athletes)


**Note College Training time slots will not be posted online

  • We will relook at the practice time after two week if we there is need for more time slots (first add would be a Tuesday 6:30 or Sunday noon 



Halloween spook fest 2023-29th noon

Turkey Vault 2023 nov 19th noon 


As of now we will host several meets this fall (Schedule TBD). ($25 entry fee) youth/high school/ masters age groups 


We would like to make sure everyone is on the Fuzion app and continues to us it to sign up, you can make payments via the app or again pay in person. 

Download Vagaro app - (let us know if you need help)


Download-on Apple or Andro


We hope everyone get back to school and in to a routine for the fall and stay safe as possible. 

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