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(College Paper)

​Ever since I can remember I have been involved in sports. In elementary, I am almost positive that I did every sport that was offered whether it was basketball, dance team, and all the way to track and field. The one that stuck with me was track and from middle school on that was the only sport that I participated in. As I grew older I specialized in an event called pole vault and I became quite good at it. Over the years that I participated in track I had many coaches who would try and help me, but none of them ever stuck with me until I met the one, his name is Jamie Steffen.


​When I first met Jamie he came off as a person that really didn’t care too much about anything but himself. My first impression of him was that I never wanted to come back to his facilities and have him coach me again because of the way he was. My Mom then forced me to continue to go because I needed the training and being there would help me improve tremendously.  As I continued to go Jamie began to come out of his shell and we starting getting to know each other. Practices became a place that I just felt free and they became more and more enjoyable and Jamie started becoming a person that I could confide in and our relationship grew and we became very close.


​My senior year of high school training was taken very seriously because I had a lot at stake with college and the state meet ahead of me. But during my senior year I had a lot of troubles that I had to face and caused some set back. For example my Papaw passed away right in the middle of my season and that was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with in my life. Also the stress of trying to figure out where I wanted to spend my next four years for college. I wanted to give up and every part of me had no desire to continue doing what I love and pursuing my dream. But Jamie did not give up on me. He would make me come to practice and remind me how good I was and how I needed to continue pushing through all of my troubles and that it could only get better from there. When I was at my lowest point in my life he was there for me and was the outsider and picked me up when I needed it the most. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. He was the drops to my life and the positive influence that I needed to continue and stay on track.


​As the season progressed and Jamie kept pushing me I had one goal on my mind and that was to make my Papaw proud and Jamie knew that was all I wanted to do. Him pushing me to my limits and making me the best that I can be. At the end of year, when the time really mattered I was able to reach my goals. I won the state meet and I broke the overall state record. With this jump and great accomplishment it helped me get a scholarship to WKU where I am happier than ever at.


​Overall, Jamie Steffen has been a person who has made a major impact on my life and there is no words to describe how much he means to me. Even though I am at college living my dream he is still supporting me and not giving up on me because he knows what I am capable of doing. There is no way I could ever repay this man for everything he does for me still, but love him unconditionally for not giving up on me when I needed someone the most.

Morgan McIntyre- 5x State Champion Kentucky- All Time State Record Holder all in the Pole Vault (2 Titles with and all time record with Coach Jamie)


I want to thank you again for your time and efforts Saturday at the Jammin' and Jumpin' event in Henderson. Needless to say it was a special day for Tanner and for me and Angie as well. We went there hoping he might clear 12' and get a PR. I never dreamed he would clear 13' and up his PR by a foot and a half and win his group! You were a huge part of this accomplishment not only with your time and coaching but also by providing all of the poles. He went through 6 poles in one day! The availability of poles in different pole lengths and stiffness was an invaluable asset! I definitely now have to rethink my planning for goals and for pole selection for next season. This was our first experience with the street vault concept and we all enjoyed the event very much. The atmosphere was unlike any vaulting event I've ever been a part of. Angie enjoyed the master's vault and said that next year we need to make plans so that we can stay and watch the elite vaulters. We had a great experience and look forward to attending some more of these type events next summer. Hopefully, things go well enough that I may be able to participate in some of the master's vaults next year as well.


Saturday was a very long day for you and I know you were exhausted by the conclusion of the event Saturday night. Please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation for the time and effort you spend not only with Tanner but with all of the other kids as you work to grow the sport in Kentucky. I have many fond memories from my career back in the day and my son's interest in the sport the last two years has reignited my own pole vault passion. It pleases me greatly to see your efforts moving forward at your new location. Please let me know if there is any way I can provide you any assistance in this endeavor in the future.Thank you;

Tracy Goff - Parent of an Kentucky Pole Vaulter


Just wanted to publicly thank and support the efforts of Jamie, Fuzion and it's team of coaches, parents and athletes. I've know Jamie for a number of years and it's great to see a young guy take the lead for all of the right reasons. Every thing he has done comes from a selfless place in order to make sure others enjoy their experience in the sport he loves. Recently in Brazil and World Masters, our poles didn't show up, nor did those of my friend from Great Britain, Allan Williams. Jamie didn't think twice about turning his entire bag over to me and Allan even though he wouldn't jump for several days. I just can't say enough about the type of guy Jamie is and the quality of the coaches and athletes he works with. Congrats!! I'm excited to see what you do next!

Bubba Sparks, World Champion Pole Vaulter and World Class Athlete


Jamie was gracious enough to loan me and Bubba Sparks his bag of Essx Carbon poles after our own poles failed to arrive in Brazil for the World Masters Championships. Anyhow, I used one of the 14ft poles and was super impressed. Maybe winning the title also helped! However I'm now thinking that I would like to try the poles at home in the UK. I founded the London Pole Vault Academy a couple of years back and I live in London. Can you offer any help? Thank you.

Allan Williams, World Champion Pole Vaulter

Coach Jamie has the ability to turn a kid signing up for a track program into a focused, motivated, goal-driven athlete. My son & daughter, with differing personalities and motivations, have benefitted by Coaches experienced coaching ability. Through his understanding of the physics of track and field, he is able to observe an athlete, recommend and implement adjustments and motivate them toward continuous improvement. He is attuned to the world of today's teenagers, quickly builds rapport, and appreciates the unique challenges facing each athlete on and off the field. I have witnessed him push his athletes farther than they thought they could go, and support them when they can't go any further--he knows which of these his athletes' need at just the right time. No matter what trials are occurring in my childrens' lives, Coach Jamie helps them refocus on their strengths, build up their confidence and teaches them skills to be successful both on & off the field.

Andrea Sonnenberg-Parent- Minnesota


Fuzion Athletics provided us with wide range of excellent track and field coaching. Even at nine our daughter learned the skills to prepare her starting blocks, sprint effectively, proper hurdling technique and began to learn the fundamentals of pole vaulting. Working with Fuzion over the past two years her confidence has soared and she has found a sport that she is truly passionate about for the rest of her life.
Jim and Amy Votel Youth Parents, Minnesota

Thanks Coach for all the support the passed years! When I started jumping at Fuzion my best in High Jump was 5' and my first meet with Fuzion I jumped 5'2" and after 2 year I'm jumping 5'7" entering my last year of High school.
Kaija Crowe- High Jumper, Milaca H.S Minnesota


All the hard work paid off this winter, I got a offers from a college for pole vaulting Thanks to Fuzion Athletics.

Kohl DeGroot- Pole Vaulter, Northfield H.S Minnesota



Thanks for all the help getting us new vaulting poles for club! You guys rock mate.
Atlas Vault Club, Australia

I've worked with the Fuzion coaches for the past 3 years, they have been so help full in my training and supportive with my vaulting. Without Fuzion I would not have made it to state and Nationals , they gave me all the confidents that I needed. Ive also traveled with Jamie and other teammates to national pole vault summit in Reno, and world famous beach vault in Michigan along with other street vault all over the county, those time are some of my best memories I have in track and field. The Fuzion Team has become a huge part of my life and I can always trust that they will be there for me. I love them all like family and I know they love me too!
Paige Clements- Pole Vaulter, Mound View H.S Minnesota/ University of Minnesota -Mankato 


Jamie has been so helpful to my son, he love coming to practice and working with him everyday!
Keyla Evans- Mother, Louisville Kentucky


"Fuzion's really helped me develop as both a pole vaulter and an athlete overall, both in competition and in training. The coaches are very knowledgable and know how to balance both having fun and working hard. Fuzion has also opened my eyes to the profuse opportunities and meets all around the nation, like the Junior Olympics program and the National Pole Vault Summit. I have so much to be thankful to Fuzion for over the past years!"
Anna- HS Athete/ University of Minnesota Pole Vaulter

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