You have made it and we welcome you to train with us, “This is where the best pole vaulters in the state train”


We've kicked off our training at our new Lexington at our indoor facility.  We're offering a wide variety of training programs to suite the needs of every vaulter from beginner to advanced and every age group from youth to masters, through the learning progressions taught by the best coaches worldwide.  Our camps come highly recommended, especially for new vaulters to get them off to the best start possible. We can help you set goals and develop a professional training program designed to accomplish those goals.

If you're a high school vaulter looking to compete in college, we can help with performance testing and the entire recruiting process to find the best post-secondary opportunities. For more information check out the website and the links to the PDF documents below, or feel free to email or call us.  

Pictures of the facilities : All Practices and camp are held in our State of the Art Kentucky Training Facility! Pricing (Monthly Program) We are adjusting our programs a little.  We will have a lot of practice programs and a weight program for you to choose from. We will also offer a monthly training cycle.        


Practice Options        

1.  Pay as you go: $45 each visit         

2.  6 visits per month: $250 -No contract, pay as you go      

3.  Unlimited Monthly Access: $350 - No contract, pay as you go         

4.  Private One on One coaching $100 (1.5 hour) $25 each kids after (anytime)

5. Coaching at meets $50


1. Unlimited Monthly Yearly Access $225 Contract (most popular program)  


Weight Pole Vault Program: 

Cycle based on season ($75) 

* Pricing Options, we have a different payment plans so you can attend as much as you can for cheap as we can go. All poles and equipment is provide during our practice, you will have access to 1000s of vaulting poles since we own This is a key to a lot of kids success is having the right poles for training, if we don't have it we will buy it.

* What do I get with unlimited access? It's pretty simple you get access to our coaching staff all and everything you need to training in the fall and winter. You get a full training program that is design for you to excel, you can lift/run with us or on your own but all jumping session and running our coached by us. You are not just a camper at Fuzion you are a family member. You will also get discounted rates on overnight camps when the indoor facility is done, we plan on having many weekend camps this year.   


Fuzion Responsiblities:  

• Poles included, please don't bring any, we have everything 
• Planned practices based on athlete (we know what we are doing)

• World class indoor set ups Pole Vault  Fastest runway in Kentucy with the faster Mondotrack/World Series surface , the latest version of Mondotrack, the surface of choice of the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games, and  2016 Rio Games MONDOTRACK/WS (World Series) is specifically designed for superior athletic performance. 

  • All athletes will receive a t-shirt (per season)

  • 2:8 Ratio

  •  2 hour practice 

  • Planned training session with goals for each athlete

  • The safest gym in the region with best equipment

  • So much more you have to see it.

  • water

Athletes Responsiblities: 

  •  Bring running shoes

  •  Bring spikes and note book

  •  Arrive 10-15 minutes early

  •  Follow all coaching instructions

  •  Follow Gym Rules-and Club Rules

  •  Pick up after   

• We do our best to make up missed practices if we can (let us know) If you are in question sign up for pay as you go.

• You have a problem Tell us so we can fix it, we are human    We have the best indoor set-up in the state and some people even say the country! Fuzion has everything you need to get better and achieve your goals.  no one can match us with coaching or atmosphere.

Indoor Schedule:

Sunday:         10am-12pm - 12-2pm and (2-4pm opens in Nov) (will open 4-6pm in January) (2-4 Class will have 2 coaches)

Monday:         4:30 -6:00pm

Tuesday:        4:30-6:00pm and 6-7:30pm

Wednesday:    10am-12pm Pole Vaulting (open when needed)

Thursday:       4-5:30pm and 5:30-7pm Pole Vault Practice 2:8 Ratio

Friday:            10-12am (open when needed)

Saturday-       (Private Lessions)

*** All other groups except from 7-8:30 are limited to 10 pre registered people per group.     

Private Practice - available based on open time  (This Schedule about the same year round. We just add some more times)   If you don’t see a program that fits your needs let us know and we can work it out, we have athletes coming and going all hours of the day Fuzion Athletics is a power house for pole vault in the State of Kentucky, as well as one of the most respected pole vault clubs in the country.

 The results of our numbers don't lie:        

3 All Time State Records (fun fact record was set in 2015 and broke in 2016 on friday, broke again the next day)      

7 Class Records         

9 State Champions         

9 State Runner Ups         

53 State Medals         

105 State Qualifiers        

45 Collegiate Bound Athletes          

12 National High School Qualifers         

2 All Americans in the HS Elite Class)          

(this does not include middle school) but we have had 2 state champ

All of this in just since 2014 seasons in the state of Kentucky with Fuzion Athlete.  WOW! - Numbers are out of control when you look what we done with the other states around us. WHAT will happen in 2017?  

In the 2016 season we had over 125 kids attend a training with us from 6 diffrent states