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Past meets we have attend 


January 16 & 17, 2015: UCS National Pole Vault Summit, Reno, Nevada - This is one of the premier pole vault events in the country and typically attracts hundreds of vaulters of all ages from across the country, and often around the world. For Fuzion Athletics, this is one of the marque events for which we try to organize group trips. Typically we can save money on both hotel rooms and pole transportation via organizing the trip as a group. For this event UCS (the event organizer and a manufacturer of pole vaulting poles headquartered in Reno) typically rents a large rodeo arena and sets up 10 – 13 elevated runways and pits for the Friday and Saturday competitions. The competitions kick-off with the Masters vaulters on Friday evening, but with the Friday main event really being the elite vaulters. All day Saturday the runways are active with all the other age groups and height categories spanning high school and collegiate vaulters.

Jan 24th 2015 Ohio State University (high School) Kentucky Team will be Attending


Jan 31st Wildcat Classic (KY HS ONLY)



Feb 6th Air Force Challenge CO:

Februry 21st 2015 University of Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky This is a preimer high school Indoor Track and Field meet in the south held at the UK on a 300 meter indoor track and the pole vault runways are elavated. Fuzion Kentucky Attends this meet as a club and typical does pretty good against the best vaulters in the south.

March 1st, 2015 Sunday -Kentucky High School Indoor and Open meet

March 13-15 2015 New Balance National Indoors, New York, New York This is HS


Indoor Nationals - Last year edition was the greatest high school track and field meet of all time. In summary, there were 7


National Records, 8 performances which were #2 all-time and 2 performances that were #3 all-time. Additionally, there were 6 class records and 44 US leaders! Jack Shepard, High School Editor of Track and Field News said, "This may have been the single greatest HS indoor meet EVER." - (you have to have a mark to enter this meet) check it out. LAST YEARS MARKS --BOYS 15' GIRLS 12' THIS SEASON MARKS- boys 14'3" girls 11'3" will get in


March 14-16, 2014, Saturday/Sunday: USATF Masters Indoor Nationals, Boston, MA - This competition is the indoor Nationals for USATF masters vaulters, i.e. no high school or collegiate vaulters. Contact us if you are a masters vaulter and are potentially interested in participating in this competition along with our Fuzion club.


June 6, 2015, Saturday: Vault in the Ville, Louisville, Kentucky - This is a great competition near the Fuzion Kentucky club that offers an early summer vaulting opportunity for vaulters of all ages. This event typically attracts a good showing of elite vaulters for the Friday evening marque event.


July 4th, 2015, Friday: La Crosse River Vault, La Crosse, WI River Fest – See Facebook – Search on “5th Annual River Vault” - This is an event that we’ve attended since they started having this July 4th competition. It’s a great event that takes place right along the Mississippi River in conjunction with the La Crosse River Fest. Rumor has it that the 2015 competition might actually be held ON the river on a long floating barge….we’ll see.


July 4th, 2015, Friday: Vaultdogs July 4th Street Vault, Seward, Nebraska -’ve never actually attended this competition, but we’ve heard great things about it. It just happens to take place on the same July 4th weekend as the La Crosse vault. But for those heading toward Nebraska for their July 4th celebrations, this could be a great pole vault competition in which to participate.

July 10/11, 2015: Friday/Saturday: Grand Haven Beach Vault, Grand Haven, MI - This is another special event we always include on our Fuzion summer vaulting schedule and typically try to organize as a group trip across both the Fuzion MN and Fuzion KY groups. It takes place on the beach of Grand Haven Michigan and typically gets rave reviews from the athletes. What can be better…a vaulting competition, hanging out on the beach, and getting some sun.


July 11, 2015, Saturday: Milwaukee Vault Fest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - This is a great competition hosted by the Get Vertical Pole Vault Club, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 2014 was the first year for this competition. We had a good showing from our Fuzion club and thought it was a well done event. We also got to see Mark Hollis jump 19’ in the elite competition.


July 19/20, 2014, Saturday/Sunday: USATF Masters Nationals, Winston-Salem, NC - This is the outdoor USATF masters nationals competition, so it’s only for masters athletes, no high school or collegiate vaulters.


August 8/9, Friday/Saturday: Jammin & Jumpin Street Vault, Henderson, KY - OR This event is relatively near-by the Fuzion Kentucky group (a few hour drive), though the Fuzion Minnesota group typically makes a good showing as well, using it as an opportunity to get to know the Kentucky Fuzion teammates.


September 5, Saturday: Brit’s Pub Vault, Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis, Minnesota – See Facebook-Search on “Brit’s Pub Vault” or see Brit’s Pub Vault Homepage: This is a spectacular event put on by the Twin Cities Track Club and Brit’s Pub. Believe it or not, this vault competition takes place on the 2nd story roof of Brit’s Pub where they have a lawn bowling field….yep, no kidding. 2014 was the first year for this event and it was flat-out amazing. If you’re looking for a late summer pole vault competition in a very unique setting, this is an event for you.

September 6, 2014, Saturday: Motley Crew Cave Vault, Crystal City, Missouri – See Motley Crew PV Club: or the pole vault underground Website: Are you looking for another unique pole vaulting venue? Well this is about as unique as it gets….in a cave. The Fuzion Kentucky group did this vault competition this year and had a blast.


October 4, 2014, Saturday: Doctoberfest, Jamestown, Kanas - This is a great event put on by our friends at the Tail Wind Pole Vault Club in Jamestown, Kanas. We jumped at this competition in 2013. It’s a pretty low key event during a time that most consider the off-season for track and field. But this is a really fun competition to attend.


None scheduled.


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