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Fuzion Athletics is an independent track and field club, specializing in pole vault training for high school, college and even elite vaulters. We have two vault facilities: one in Shelbyville, Kentucky, where we serve the Bluegrass region around Louisville and Lexington Kentucky as well as the southern parts of Illinois, Indiana, Tennesse, West Virginia and Ohio. Our Minnesota club serves Minnesota, the Dakotas and Wisconsin. We have a history of producing great vaulters and work hard to deliver an environment that provides not only the pole vault coaching expertise but also the right atmosphere and guidance to empower athletes to grow as individuals, cultivate their sense of self-confidence, and establish the leadership skills to succeed beyond the pole vault runway.


 thumb LexiKieferOver4Meters croppedLexi Kiefer Over 4 Meters - Brits Vault 2014 - Trains with Fuzion MN - Click for Videothumb KYClassAATop5 20142014 KY Class AA Top Five & Class A Champion / Meet Record Holder - All Trained with Fuzion KY - Click for Picture



 thumb KYClassAATopThree 20142014 KY Class AA Girls Top 3 & Champion / Meet Record Holder - All Trained with Fuzion KY - Click for Picturethumb FuzionHalloweenPic1 croppedMotley Crew of Fuzion MN Vaulters - The Sunday Training Session Following Halloween 2014 - Click for Picture

thumb KYMorganMcIntire 2014Morgan McIntire - 2014 - Five-Time KY State Champion - Trained with Fuzion KY - Click for Picture


What can you do on our Website?  Lots of things!

Athletes – Training, Competitions, and Resources:
Check out the Athlete Menu to the right for info on our training sessions, upcoming competitions, and other training resources. In addition, we're experimenting with new ways to provide coach-athlete feedback, leveraging the Coaches Eye videos that we often take at training sessions and competitions, and uploading as many of those as we can to the Website. This allows athletes and parents to view and download the the videos along with coach's critique videos that include commentary on ways to improve. In the Athlete Coach's Eye Videos secion 
simply navigate to the appropriate directory and you should be able to pull up the videos online.  You can also right-click on the video links to download.

Pole Rental & Fuzion Store: First, if you need poles, well we've got them....for sale and for rent, all handled via the RentPoles.com division of Fuzion Athletics.  We have distribution centers in Kentuck, Minnesota, and Texas, and can ship anywhere in the country and even overseas....yep, we've done that!  Click on the "Pole Rental & Sales" link above and you'll be taken to that site.  Also check out our "Fuzion Store" for other cool items to purchase.

Fuzion Calendars and Communications: For parents (and athletes) interested in staying on top of what's happening at Fuzion see the calendar and update links to the right.  These links provide views of our Google calendars and a listing of all the communications (email) coming from from our Kentucky and Minnesota organizations.  If you're a user of Google calendars, you can actually overlay our public Google calendars on top of your personal Google calendar to get an integrated view of all your personal and Fuzion activities. Also check out the Announcemts module (a replication of our Fuzion Twitter feed) to the right for the absolute latest info on Fuzion activities.

Media Gallery, Blog & About Fuzion: Interested in pics, videos, musings and other info about the Fuzion club and our athletes? Well, then check out our “Media Gallery” with links to our various social media forums covering our Tweets, pictures (Instagram), videos (YouTube), Facebook timeline and other general media referneces. Maybe it’s not often, but we do occasionally have things to say. You’ll find those musings in our “Fuzion Blog”. Anything else you need to know about Fuzion Athletics can be found under the “About Fuzion” link.